descriptionThis project aim is to provide a way to admin some Netgear switches (the GS105E and GS108E) under a Linux OS.
last changeTue, 8 Apr 2014 21:49:00 +0000 (23:49 +0200)
2014-04-08 darkcovenRaw: fix few bugs on port mirroring master
2014-04-08 darkcovenFactorize string related functions
2014-04-08 darkcovenFix handling of timeout errors
2014-04-08 darkcovenHandle ports duplex mode
2014-04-08 darkcovenCli: align fields in switch list
2014-04-07 darkcovenLib: fallback to login with write request when read...
2014-04-07 darkcovenAdd invalid operation error code
2014-04-02 darkcovenLib: fix scan issue with switches that send an empty...
2014-04-02 darkcovenCli: disable all non batch mode code when building...
2014-04-02 darkcovenCli: do not force to be logged in batch mode
2014-04-02 darkcovenRemove and ignore INSTALL
2013-10-20 darkcovenEmu: add port specific entries
2013-10-20 darkcovenAdd basic switch emulator
2013-10-19 darkcovenLib: add size checks to prevent several crashes
2013-10-19 darkcovenFix network configuration modification
2013-10-18 darkcovenCli: change password can ask new password with terminal...
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